The Tribe Team

Yael Peleg - Tribe Manager

Really scared of - mice and rats
Would love to visit - China
Favourite holiday destination - hot sandy beach anywhere

Andrew Goldman - Tribe Kids Worker

Karaoke King and Essex's #1 Bristol City FC Fan
Loves - Bristol City Football Club
Hates - The A406 otheriwse known as the "North Circ

David Collins - Campus/TCM Executive

Favourite restaurant - 10 Meat Place. Viquaro(in Jerusalem)
Favourite holiday destination - Scotland of course
Most likely to say: I have just found the best deal!


Marc Benamram - Tribe Teens

Likes: Food, Fun, Football
Dislikes: Olives and Little Britain
Really Scared of: Toasters

Lynne Helman - Tribe Administrator

Really scared of - things flying into my hair
Worst habit - eating
Favourite holiday destination - Mallorca

Rabbi Gideon Sylvester - Tribe Israel Rabbi

Most Likely to say: Good Morning

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